projects and teams

DanioData now allows you to document projects licenses (and in the US version we're referring to these as "teams"), and the individual members of these projects and teams, as well as the relevant procedures and SOPs they comprise. You can also document individual user licenses, as needed.


DanioData now supports other lab fish and animals in addition to the zebrafish. We've created "species" at one level of aggregation above strains or lines. You can also use this feature to distinguish transgenic danio rerio from wild types, or for other groupings that suit your operations.

distribute stocks, sub-stocks

We've improved how stocks are distributed from one or more tanks to one or more tanks by listing all tanks for a given stock, you then select from. Similarly, you can also create a sub-stocks from an existing stock, after selecting the tanks you will be using for the sub-stocks.

better tank labels

DanioData tank labels now include up to 6 editable fields and we've simplified the user interface to make it super easy to specify the required fields.

new date, stock age formats

DanioData now fully supports global DD/MM/YY date format (in addition to MM/DD/YY format). If you are located outside of the US all dates will default to the new format. And another time format improvement: you will notice stock ages are now expressed in months and days (not just in days).


one step edits

Updating editable fields is easier thanks to a recent iOS improvement we've fully implemented in DanioData: to change editable fields you now simply select from available options, and no longer need to ok or cancel the change.

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