"We here in Biosciences at the University of Exeter are a rapidly expanding centre of internationally recognized research and teaching that provides a stimulating, inspirational and multidisciplinary environment which brings out the very best in our students and staff. Our world-class academic staff are committed to providing the highest quality education and research across the spectrum of the biological sciences.

We provide an inspirational, demanding and ultimately rewarding learning experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.We offer unrivalled opportunities to work alongside world-leading academics on essential scientific research. These are complemented by a wide-range of extra-curricular activities, such as subject-specific societies and career and employability events, in which you can play an active role.

We are one of the foremost research departments for Biosciences anywhere in the UK:

  • The current value of ongoing research within Biosciences is more than £40 million.
  • We rank in the top six universities for successful Natural Environment Research Councils (NERC) awards.
  • Our research regularly appears in Science, Nature and other leading specialist journals".

Biosciences/Aquatic resource centre

"The Aquatic Resource Centre is a modern facility that encourages a wide range of research spanning basic biology and biological systems, ecotoxicology, behavior and physiology and ocean acidification.

Around £9 million has been invested to provide state-of-the-art aquarium facilities. This world-class teaching and research complex feature a 14 room aquaria housing 600 experimental tanks and seven preparative and analytical labs, to maintain and observe a wide range of aquatic organisms, principally fish.

These are supported by seven preparation and laboratory rooms that contain specialist microscopes, cameras, and video and imaging equipment that help analyse development, physiology and behaviour.

The new aquarium also houses a Wolfson Foundation funded imaging unit, used principally for studies on embryogenesis".

How D2 has helped us

" Before the installation of our D2 database, all of our records were kept in paper versions, separate and unrelated to the rest of the aquarium rooms, which meant that certain trends and issues were never picked up on. Now, we have our entire facility working from one easy to use app, everything from fish data to standard operating procedures.

Since the installation of the D2 database, the biggest improvement we have seen is from the ability to neatly collate all the fish data into one easy to use database, which gives us our entire fish data for any period, which helps to get a gauge on animal usage numbers, animal mortalities and morbidities, etc.

Furthermore to this, D2 has allowed us to set up a system in which at the click of a button we can report all of our relevant animal data to our Home Office inspector via email, saving us hours of time by collating it all in to customizable viewing points.

Aside from the vast improvements in record keeping that it brings, D2 has also improved our health screening programme by having a symptoms recording tab allowing us to log illnesses and deaths more accurately and on an individual tank basis or a whole room basis which allows us to look back and pick up trends.

Finally, D2's reporting tools allow us to quickly and conveniently create usage reports of all the users in our facility to easily calculate usage costs. This alongside the floor plan which gives a digital overview of everything that is happening in the facility have been a massive help to us".

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